Metrics that matter for software companies.

metrics that matter

When it comes to managing a professional services business, few topics generate as much interest—and controversy—as the topic of metrics. Whether the question is what to measure or how to measure it, it can be challenging to reach consensus on which specific metrics provide the greatest insight.

In this ebook, Thomas E. Lah, Executive Director of The Technology Professional Services Association, introduces a practical framework managers can use when selecting the best metrics for their professional services organisation.

Here is a point in the software startup lifecycle when those with a good idea begin to move out of the proverbial ‘startup garage’ environment and dive into a sea of critical questions, such as: ‘What’s next?’ and ‘How do we scale our business to ensure it is profitable, sustainable and meets our end goals?’.

How a startup defines success, where that journey takes it and where the company ends up are all very difficult paths to predict. But there is a universal point in the journey of every startup: the point where demand outstrips the company’s ability to manage it sustainably. Many startups reach this point sooner than expected. And when customers happen to meet them at this intersection, bad experiences with the brand at that moment can end up dictating customers’ willingness to engage with the company in the future.

It’s impossible to predict with absolute certainty how the market will respond to a new technology, and it’s just as difficult to predict when and where growth will occur as a result of this response. With that, software startups can learn from the experiences of other successful software companies.

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